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We kindly ask you to send your abstracts either as LaTeX2e or as Microsoft Word document. The language of an abstract - either Russian or English.

The file name should contain the section number and both last name and initials of the speaker, e.g., 1-IvanovIS.tex or 1-IvanovIS.doc. If several abstracts are submitted by one author, then one should put a number at the end of the name, e.g.: 1-IvanovIS-1.tex, 1-IvanovIS-2.doc.


  1. Magnetism and superconductivity;
  2. Strongly correlated and disordered systems;
  3. Theory of phase transitions and physics of low-dimensional materials;
  4. Topological insulators and semimetals.

All detailed rules for the abstract design are given in the following templates (LaTeX2e, MS Word).

Abstracts should be sent through the Registration system of the school website. The abstract file archive should contain the last name of the presenting author, for example IvanovIS-1.zip.

We kindly ask you to follow these rules.

All received abstracts will be reviewed.